Finding the Right Member

Finding the Right Member

The Registered Tradesperson search allows you to identify installers by the scope of their certification and their location. If you have already identified an installer and want to check their credentials then you can enter the company name or NAPIT membership number to retrieve their details.

Advice on Selecting Tradespeople

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Always identify tradespeople who are certificated for the work you need doing – see the NAPIT Search facility for the installer we have certificated

If you are searching for installers on the internet be aware of a number of installer listings that do not relate to certification under government authorised or UKAS accredited schemes.

For all but the smallest jobs, you should aim to get three quotes. Summarise what you want in writing and check that the quotes you get back cover what you have asked for.

If you are having renewable energy work done check that you installer is covered by a Consumer Code Scheme, currently either the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) or the Home Insulation and Energy Systems Contractor Scheme (HIES). These schemes require specific consumer protections to be in place such as contractual wording, deposit protection and warranties.

Check that your documentation includes a commitment from the installer to rectify any faults for a period of six years.

If you enter a verbal agreement, be aware that any future complaints about the installation could be impossible to attribute to the installer.

Keep copies of all your paperwork for at least six years in case you encounter problems and need to provide evidence to back up any complaints or claims.

Checking your Installer

You can ask your installer for evidence of their competence. Electrical members should show you their identity badge. All installation companies are issued with certificates detailing the scope of work covered which you can ask to see. You can check an installer’s current status and scope on our website by entering their business name or NAPIT membership number in the registered tradesperson search. Alternatively you can contact NAPIT Customer Services using the website chat facility (click on the bottom-right of the screen), by telephoning 0345 543 0330 or [email protected].