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Membership Benefits

Notify your jobs, Fast!

NAPIT Fasttest
Advanced, multi-platform electrical installation, inspection & testing, fire, gas and ventilation certification software.

National Marketing

Take advantage of dedicated promotion to homeowners, landlords and tenants via local newspaper advertorial, radio campaigns, press releases, social media and more.

Technical Support

There's no problem too big or small for our expert advisors who you can trust to provide accurate, detailed guidance with your questions answered fast.

and more...

Visit NAPIT Direct and get exclusive discounts on test equipment, tools, NAPIT branded clothing, certificates and more.
Connect with your fellow members on the NAPIT Forum where you can get help and support on anything from the latest regulations to new tools in your trade.
A quarterly member only magazine keeping you up to date with all the latest industry developments, regulation updates and news related to your trade.
For more information on the benefits of becoming a NAPIT member, call 0345 543 0330

NAPIT is committed dedicated to quality and excellence

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